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Casa Mindelo offers on two floors a very private and comfortable living atmosphere with a fantastical view of the bay.
    The second floor, the secluded part of the house, contains four guestrooms with sea view, two bathrooms and a terrace held in a Moroccan style with a barbecue corner.
    The big living room on the first floor, equipped with a small library containing books in different languages and an interesting collection of Cape Verde, African and international music, invites you to write, read, listen to music and to make contacts. The guests can use a computer with internet access.
   The first floor contains a free arranged kitchen, which borders on the reception saloon and a dining room with view of the bay.
    Casa Mindelo offers besides the usual hotel services, the possibility to feel home in the pulsating centre of Mindelo. The guests can cook their own meals, order special traditional meals or barbecue the self-fished fish on the terrace.